Top 7 Home Renovation Don’ts

  • April 11th, 2017
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How do you know you are helping your home renovation projects instead of hurting them? Here I put on 7 don’ts to avoid during home renovations, regardless it is a backyard renovation, bathroom renovation or a kitchen renovation. Read on to find out if you have done any of the mistakes.

Renovate house maintenance

Don’t Delay Decisions

You should make up your mind about everything before the work starts as that will make the work a lot easier for contractors. Most of the things that take your time to decide are things like paint, trim and faucet selection. They might seem small, but when you delay the decisions of paint or faucet, your contractors have to reschedule other related projects. You will be surprised by the time it takes to finish the projects just because you can’t make up your mind what color of paint to use.


2.    Don’t Change Your Mind (Too Much)

Try not to change your mind. We all know that it is inevitable, but try not to change your mind about something on your project too much. You need to understand this. Each time you change your mind, it results in a change order even though the change seems minor. The time that needs spend on discussing about the change will also delay the projects.


budget3.    Don’t Buy Your Own Materials

You might be thinking—this is not a great and obvious way to save money at all. Contractors will mark up the cost of materials and pass the added costs onto you. But remember this, a contractor gets better prices in the first place than you, meaning after markup you might just pay the same price.


4.    Don’t Put Lipstick on a Pig

Usually we see a house demolition as our last option. Also contractors rarely come out and say your deteriorated house should be destroyed instead of paying to fix it up. It is a common mistake that people make—spend money on fancy fixtures for a house with a sagging foundation. If a professional is expressing his opinions and thoughts about your house, be open to their suggestions.


5.    Don’t Work Without Enough Fund

If you find out the work you wanted to do cost less than you expected or budgeted, you are in good company. Set a budget and make sure you have enough money before you begin the work. Lastly, stick to it.


Pets Get In the Way6.    Don’t Let Kids and Pets Get In the Way

When you bring your kids or pets into the construction side, it is likely you will see all the workers try to accommodate them. But they should not have to. It adds another responsibility and distraction for them to look after your kids and pets’ safety.


7.    Don’t live In the Home that is Being Renovated

Home renovations already cost lots of money, moving out for the period of time just adds up the cost. Staying on a construction site is not good for your health due to the noise, dust and debris. You should try to set some time for you and family to go away when you realize you can’t handle coming home to a messy and stressful constructions site.

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