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Tinting Your Home Windows and the Major Benefits of Doing So

  • March 28th, 2018
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If you’re a home owner and you’re always looking for ways to save money, improve security and boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, then you need to seriously consider tinted windows. Tinted windows offer so much more than just the privacy of people not being able to see in. They have been incredibly popular on vehicles and limousines among celebrities and people of status who are trying to be as discreet as possible, which is why few people think to bother having tinted windows in their home.

Understand that it’s not being overly or unnecessarily lavish, because there are many practical benefits that come with it. Some people fear that their neighbours might think that they’re being stuck up or paranoid, when in actuality, it’s a smart move for the modern home owner.

window glass1 – It Looks Great

We just as well start with the simple fact that tinted windows look great. Whether it’s your car, an office or your own home, solar tinted windows have an irrefutable aesthetic appeal. So, not only are there many other benefits which we will get to, but the sheer fact that your home will look better is reason enough for many people.

2 – Cut Back on Your Energy Bills

What more reason can you need than the prospect of saving money and seeing a return on your investment. – after that, it’s all profit. The natural UV protection provided by SolarGraph Glass Tinting is certainly not to be snuffed at. This will significantly reduce the temperature in certain rooms during the way, so that you’ll no longer have to run your air conditioning on full blast.

3 – Privacy for You and Your Family

Are you tired of your neighbours being able to see what’s going on inside your house? Perhaps you and your family are sat having dinner and a random passer by stares in while walking past. With solar tinted windows you will be able to enjoy more privacy, whilst still being able to see what’s going on outside your home.
This in turn, translate to security as well, given that you’ll be able to leave expensive equipment and electronics on display without fear of anyone trying to rob you.

 4 – Shatter-Resistant

Ok, so tinted windows are not entirely shatter resistant, but the window film will certainly hold the glass together in the event of an attempted burglary or a weather-related disaster. Or let’s say for example your children are messing around in the garden and they somehow manage to smash one of your windows; fortunately, they won’t hurt themselves on top of their initial stupidity because the film will prevent the glass from shattering all over the floor.

window film5 – Protect Your Property from the Sun

Have you ever picked an ornament off the side to do a spot of dusting and noticed a dark patch where the sun has faded everything else around it? That’s because of the UV rays continuous glare. The beauty in having tinted windows is that you can protect your property from fading, including sofas and carpets.

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