Things to consider when having a pool installed

  • October 24th, 2017
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For many people, some of which may not even have the luxury of having access to an outside space, the idea of having a beautiful garden with plenty of space for fun and activities is exciting enough, but throw in the prospect of that garden having a pool for them to kick back, and truly relax come summertime, and have all of the frolics and fun that is associated with it. Well for many people that’s their goal in life. However, if you are consider having a swimming pool installed into your properties it’s a slightly more complicated procedure than you may be aware of and careful consideration is required before during and after the work has finished.

After all when you think about the process objectively, it’s a major landscape alteration in which moving tones of soil and other materials out of the pre-existing garden, but also a process in which you are essential building a structure in the ground, and as with any subterranean alteration or construction, careful consideration of the forces of pressure and the force of the ever moving and shifting ground around it. So let’s take a look at some of the more important consideration involved in this process.


Many people have very different ideas of what the perfect pool looks like and as such there are countless different ways that you can style the pool to not only match the garden around it but to fit the ideas and expectations of what you want your pool to look like. Perhaps you like the idea of a sleek and modern pool finished in an attractive shade of white or blue that doesn’t disturb the balance of the garden around it. Or maybe you like the idea of a more intricate and outlandish mosaic design that conjure up images of a roman bathhouse to the imagination, well if you after paying for it then why shouldn’t you have what you want?

The surface of your pool that is installed once the earth has been excavated and the concrete foundations have been laid will be the main factor that will alter the appearance of the pool most dramatically. There are many different options and most of them are determined by your exact budget and how much you are willing to spend on getting the look of your pool. Thee range of the surfacing options can go from a couple of hundred dollars to intricate mosaic tile patterns that can up the costs to the several thousands of dollars depending on what you have to spend and what you want out of it.




Now one of the main struggles that any pool owner will tell you about is their seemingly never ending fight to keep the water clean, clear and debris free. Often times you will be regaled of tales of how they “Swear they left the pump on and m the cover closed and somehow a bird still managed to drown in it. And while a decent pool cover can make a big impact, it’s really the filtration system that you have installed that will really make the difference the difference between a clear, clean and inviting looking pool and a gunky, cloudy and all together off-putting pond-esque body of water.

Now they may either genuinely be unfortunate and just a victim of terrible luck, or the more likely scenario is that they didn’t pay close enough attention to their filtration system. After all not only do they require maintenance and regular cleaning and changing of the filter, it also requires careful calculation of both the volume of water in your pool, and how powerful of a pump and filtration system that you will require. Obviously the larger the area of the pool that requires cleaning and filtering will mean that you require a more powerful pump in order to do so efficiently. And the failure to put this work in before you purchase the pump and install it will not only lead to problems like the ones listed above, but it will also lead to you needing to buy a new pool filter in Perth, either due to you realizing your mistake or when the volume of water becomes too much for the system to handle and eventually ends up damaging your filtration system beyond use.

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