Different types of buyer’s agent that you will encounter

  • December 8th, 2017
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Throughout the course of my life, I’ve met many buyer’s agents. From these experiences, I’ve become accustomed to identifying the different types of buyer agents that you might encounter at some point in your life.

In this article I will be helping you identify all the different types of buyer agents so you won’t have to waste your time dealing with any bad ones that could end up costing you instead of helping you!

Buyer agents are essentially people who represent only the buyer of a property in a real estate transaction. They are what you would call a real estate agent, but they only work for you on your behalf, representing your best interests during the transaction. Their job is to negotiate, communicate, research and performing any necessary due diligence all throughout the process.

Therefore, it is important for you to recognise some of the key characteristics of these agents so you know exactly what type of buyer’s agent they are.


The “Slow reply” Type

Communication is important regardless of industry. It is a fundamental aspect of how we as a society get things done. Therefore, it is critical that you and your buyer’s agent to communicate effectively and efficiently.

The “Slow reply” type is one that is most frustrating. From my experience, this type of buyer’s agent takes forever to respond to your enquiries after you’re locked inside a contract. It is frustrating because it takes many days to get a simple question answered, and as a result it slows the entire process down.

While it is important to understand that they are not obligated to respond to you immediately, it is still essential that communication are maintained in timely manner throughout the entire process.


The “Overconfident” Type

Overconfidence has caused problems for us since the start of human civilisation. It has caused many great generals and empires to lose many battles, wars and even empires as a result.

Of course, in this case, it’s just a property transaction, but I am sure you get the importance of this.

I’ve met many buyer’s agents who are extremely confident and give me promises. The vast majority of them fail to keep their promises. The reason why was because they gave themselves too high goal in order for you to expect a scenario in an ideal world instead of the most realistic scenario.

They do this in order to make you happy and excited until it is time to tell you that the result wasn’t as good as discussed or expected.


The Perfect Type

Now, is there such a thing as “Perfect”? Most likely not. But if you’re looking for the best possible buyer’s agent that’s right for you? They might exist.

One of the buyers’ agent that I used in Brisbane was a great one. The reason why I say that this agency was a good one was because they had no characteristics like the ones listed above. Communications were fast and the goals were realistic. These two facets, in my opinion, are the most important when you are looking for an agent or agency of any kind.

A reputable agency will have a list of their services clearly outlined on their website as well as offer free quotations explaining the procedures whilst answering your questions about using a buyer’s agent and as address any concerns you may have.

If an agent or agency is unable to provide the things that I’ve listed above? Chances are, they fall into one of the two types of agents that I have covered above.

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