3 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips You Should Try Right Now

  • April 3rd, 2017
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Swimming Pool

The idea of owning a glamorous pool is always fantastic. You can’t resist the idea of it simply just by thinking of hosting weekend parties, having a swim work out every day after work, and spending your long and lazy Sunday afternoon reading and tanning by the pool side. However, while we give into the daydreams of all the things you can do while owning a pool, the maintenance which is one crucial element in pool ownership is often forgotten by us. A beautiful and clean pool requires a proper maintenance routine. A little laziness can throw your pool out of whack and facing green water, broken filter and algae. They are the last things a pool owner wants. Concrete swimming pool is the most common pool type at the moment as it can be built into any shape and size as you like, and a proper maintenance routine will keep your pool going for a long way. Here are 3 pool maintenance tips that you should try right now that are going to kick off your summer season on the right start.


1.    Chemicals Cost Too Much? Try Baking Soda

Pool chemicals can be expensive, the costs that add up overtime are definitely not a little bill. Actually, in our life there are many everyday things we use that can change the water chemical levels. Did you know that baking soda actually does the same job as sodium bicarbonate for a fraction of the price? Sodium bicarbonate can control alkalinity of the water without drastically reducing the PH levels, and baking soda has the same concentration of sodium bicarbonate as dollar as the solutions. You can even skip the mathematical conversions and simply add the same amount to your water.


Tennis Ball Can Absorb Oils2.    A Tennis Ball Can Absorb Oils

Throw a tennis ball into the pool! Nope, it is not for playing catch, of course you can also do that. But the main purpose of it is that a tennis ball can absorb oils in the water. After the pool is used, our body will leave certain oils, suntan lotion and hair product behind in the water. It is not so pleasant to think about, is it? There is an easy and simple solution to it—throwing a tennis ball into the water. The fibers of tennis ball can absorb the oils.


maintenance swimming pool3.    Have a Yearly Service Appointment—Whether You Think You Need It or Not

We don’t have proper and professional knowledge for pool care, so you should hire an expert to check mechanical equipment—pumps, filters and heating systems. The frequency should be at least once a year. Before the professionals come, it is recommended to take a look at the whole pool. Tell the serviceperson any leaks, holes, loud sounds or odd smells you discover. That will help them have a better idea as to where to start. A yearly service may seem like a waste of money, many of us are tempting to skip. However, if any small problems are fixed as soon as you find out, it can prevent bigger crisis down the road.


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