3 Easy Ways to Make Your Party Unique

  • October 30th, 2017
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There’s nothing quite like celebrating a friend or family member’s birthday or other momentous occasion than having a party with everybody who helps to make their life special. A good party is something that ingrains itself into theirs and their family’s memories for years to come and is something that often comes up when sharing memories of the good times. It is definitely the thought that counts with the celebration and truth be told this can be as simple as going out for a nice meal with a cake at the end or something as elaborate as an outdoor event at a venue. However nobody wants to give their relative something other than the best that they can afford on their budget, and there are lots of ways to make your celebration a unique and special occasion.

After all, if the party isn’t to the tastes of the person who you are throwing it for then it kind of defeats the purpose of why you are having a party in the first place. Unless it’s a surprise party try to get as much of their individual input as possible, whilst keeping a few things in reserve to keep it fresh for them on the day. But what kind of things can you do to really stand out and turn it from a simple celebration into a true occasion to remember? Well hopefully in this article we can go through a few suggestions from industry experts to help you achieve this.

1.     Furniture

Did you ever think that you could make a statement or memory with a simple place to sit and a table to rest your guest’s drinks? Well believe it or not, the furniture at party’s can actually greatly help to setting the scene and expectations for your guests as well as providing some visual and aesthetic value if done correctly. You have to ensure that there is consistency between the furniture that you choose and the overall theme and style of the party and they also have to be comfortable enough that people actually want to sit in them when needed to catch a break. Now the venue (if you have chosen to use one) will be able to supply a certain amount of furniture of a certain style to facilitate your guests, and sometimes this is sufficient. However if you really want to push the boat out you may need to find some exterior help.

Many people actually choose to consult local furniture hire companies to help them find some creative furniture for their party. Things that are popular are outwardly unique and zany designs and reclaimed or improvised furniture such as hay bales and barrel seating for example. For a chance to see the level of creativity in this industry then take a look at this supplier of party hire furniture in Perth.


2.     Entertainment

Now the things that you choose to entertain your guests needs to be something that is not only enjoyable by the guest of honor or the person who the party is being thrown for, but it also has to gel nicely with the interests of the guests that are attending. After all while it is this person’s special day and everything should be done to ensure that they are enjoying themselves, however this can’t be at the expense of the rest of your guest’s enjoyment of the day. A good tactic to get around this is to not put all of your eggs ion the same basket in this regard and have several different kinds of entertainment for people to flick between on the day.

Popular choices for all round crowd pleasing entertainment would be things like a DJ, who can play music for your family and friends to dancer, chat and mingle too. Also things like photobooths are popular nowadays as they actually give your guests a physical memento of the day itself. Whatever you choose just make sure that you have all of your bases covered.

3.     Food

The last vital consideration is for the food that you will feed your guests when they arrive to help sustain them through a night of festivities and fun with their friends and family. The style of cooking you choose is up to you and the tastes of your guests, but its probably advisable to have a light spread o in a buffet style, or better still, many party hire services offer slightly more adventurous options like a live sushi chef or bartender who will whip up delicious cocktails for your guests all night.


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